Thursday, September 27, 2018

Why Crystal Mason Should Be Free

Crystal Mason is a Tarrant County, TX resident who is currently sitting in jail for supposedly casting an illegal ballot in the 2016 election. Whether you believe her when she says that nobody told her that it was illegal to vote because she was on probation, there may be a major problem with her conviction.

According to campaign finance reports obtained by The Weekly Gavel, it appears that her attorney at the time of her original conviction,  J. Warren St. John, has made several campaign contributions to Sharen Wilson, the Tarrant County District Attorney who pushed for her conviction and harsh prison sentence.

For a lawyer to accept a client who is being prosecuted by a District Attorney's office that has accepted campaign contributions from his or her law firm is a clear conflict of interest. Furthermore, J Warren St. John testified at Crystal Mason's hearing for a new trial that he was the one who told her that she could not vote until her supervision was over. His campaign donations to Distict Attorney Wilson's campaign should have been disclosed at the time of trial.  It therefore follows that Ms. Mason's rights to effective counsel which is guaranteed by the Sixth Amendment to the Constitution of The United States have been violated. On those grounds, Ms. Mason's conviction should be overturned and any criminal record stemming from these charges that have been imposed on her should be expunged.

An itemization of those campaign contributions is as follows:

12/11/2013J WarrenSt. JohnLawyer250View Copy
10/23/2015J WarrenSt. JohnLawyer350View Copy
09/30/2016J WarrenSt. JohnLawyer500View Copy
04/26/2017J WarrenSt. JohnLawyer500View Copy
09/25/2017J WarrenSt. JohnLawyer500View Copy

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  1. Crystal needs a lawyer who can go against the Tarrant County District Attorney and J.Warren St.John who made donations to the D.A. which was not disclosed at the time of Trial, which violated Crystals rights which are guaranteed by the 6th Amendment. Both the Attorney and the District Attorney should be disbarred, jailed and set Crystal FREE!